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Hi, I’m Jack Campitelli, J.D., author of the Internet Law Compliance Systemwhich I often refer to as ILCAs far as I know, thanks to the help of Shawn Casey, J.D., creator of and one of THE truly great Internet marketers, ILC might well be the most purchased “book” of its type on the Internet.  Shawn Casey was a former co-author of the Internet Law Compliance System.  He has graduated to other endeavors and has graciously left me with the chance to publish the Internet Law Compliance System on my own. 

There are literally thousands of sites that use the forms found in ILC.   See for yourself.  You can type in “Mining Gold Corporation” or “Nevada Processing Center” plus the words “Privacy Policy” or “Terms of Use” and you’ll eventually pull up all the pages of folks who use the copyrighted forms on their websites.

This Disclosure and Disclaimer page is placed here to comply with the new FTC regulations covering testimonials and endorsements.  Since ILC’s promotional material contains testimonials, it’s appropriate to place a disclaimer link on the promotion page.

Internet Law Compliance has just been updated in a number of areas covering:

·      FTC Regulations for Bloggers and publishers of Testimonials and users of Endorsements.

·      FTC Regulations and case law for typosquatting and domain name squatting (the “AntiCyberSquatting Consumer Protection Act” or ACCPA and UDND – the Uniform Dispute Resolution guidelines of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

·      COPPA Update Report (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) as of January 2009.

·      Report on using privacy protection when registering domain names (private registration) and why you should ALWAYS use this feature

·      New fully licensed forms for bloggers to use

·      New fully licensed forms for websites that use testimonials and endorsements

·      New advice on how to comply with blogger regs and how to make more money at the same time!

·      New advice on how to make disclaimers fun and profitable!

It’s why I think ILC is the best and most up-to-date source for Internet law information available anywhere.

Six years into the project, ILC remains very dynamic: if the law changes, so does ILC, usually within days.  Members always have access to updates and if something happens dramatically, members are notified to check the special “Members Area” for updates.

ILC has an affiliate program that pays 20% of the sales price of the book.  As of November 2009, this is $20.  Amazingly enough we have second level of affiliate referral: if you are an affiliate and sell to someone who later becomes an affiliate, you get 10% of the affiliate fee for THAT sale!  (As of November 2009, this is $2).  However, there are no “deeper” levels of compensation like an MLM program might have.

This is a way of encourage you to “sell” the book to another Internet marketer who needs it -- rather than “pirate it.”

ILC’s promotional page has a number of testimonials.  The FTC makes no distinction between testimonials and endorsements.   None of the persons who provided testimonials was compensated in any way.  They are known to me, Jack Campitelli, or to Shawn Casey or often both of us.  I also base some of my claims in the promotional piece on case law and information available in public record on the Internet.  For instance, when the promotional piece claims that 94% of websites are non-compliant, it was a small sample that I made myself.   I literally grabbed 100 websites and I found regulation breaches in almost ALL of them!  Even federal government sites, state sites, and large companies!  In fact, in my small sample, I found small sites more compliant than large sites.

The copyright (intellectual property) of the Internet Law Compliance site and the content of the ebook is owned by Rione X IP Group LLC (  The ebook and reports are published by Ascoli Publishing LLC (

All forms that are used by buyers/members are used lawfully under license from Rione X IP Group LLC.

As Internet Law Compliance suggests throughout the system, the ILC System was written for 98% of website operators.  If your website handles “adult” or “sexually explicit” material or if you pitch your site toward children under age 18 (yeah, I know the official age is under age 13, but read the book) then PLEASE SEE A LIVE LAWYER who specializes in these areas.  They’re as rare as hen’s teeth but I’ll sleep better at night knowing I told you.  

However, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the “kit” that comes with the Internet Law Compliance System includes enough information that you’ll know more than 95% of lawyers by the time your finish reading it and digesting it.  Have no fear about bringing the book or the User Agreement (Terms of Use) form, the Privacy Policy form, the Purchase Agreement form and the Disclosures and Disclaimers forms to your lawyer.  There are some clever clauses in them that your lawyer will appreciate.

I also sleep well at night knowing that no matter WHAT you promote on your website, the forms and information that come with the Internet Law Compliance System will make anyone who uses the information 99% compliant no matter WHAT they promote or sell.   And I have no fear in saying that the Internet Law Compliance System is the best bang for the buck available anywhere.  There IS competition out there but Internet Law Compliance System is the most complete, the best in the world, and used by more web operators than any other system.  If I say so myself!

Now, for those of you who took the time to read this Disclosures and Disclaimers page, you’ll note how painless reading it was.  In fact, it’s full of information.  But it’s also self-serving.  I don’t know where this page will end up in search engines, but is WILL be there.  And it points to the product I’m selling. 

It’s “goodies” like this that makes the Internet Law Compliance System the best and totally unique.  Geared to the millions of website operators just me and just like YOU.

Do you get it?  This Disclosure and Disclaimer webpage makes me totally compliant and yet is a pretty good promotional piece all by itself!

Here’s another freebie.  Check out “The 10 Commandments for Webmasters & Owners”

Jack Campitelli




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